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  Stop Arresting Smokers
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ok check out the g spot for new games that'll make you scream for more!!! right click, 'save as' to save the helicopter game. some asshole took my camera so the pictures...who knows when they'll be posted. the links page has the new proxy to pass the schools website blocks. yay. -Kevin

hellz yeah, the site is starting to look better all rdy! I'm taking pictures and putting them together to make like a... picture book like deel. if anyone wants a link to their site or wants to see anything on here email me,, or get your ass on myspace and page me. G-Spot is the game spot, comps, winnings, and all that will be posted there. okay, peace out everybody! -Kevin

Way around new "guiafenesin" that seens to find its way in the cold pills now days...
Someone once mentioned that extracting out the guiafenesin with chloroform
works very well, leaving the (p)ephedrine HCl behind. So, disolve ephedrine+guiafenesin
pills in water. add chloroform and pull the bottom layer (holding the guia.) add alcohol to the water layer and pull the top layer (Pephedrine and alcohol). you may need to base the top layer with lye for the alcohol to move to the top. dry it and you should have pure (p)ephedrine powder left behind.



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